Tips for Drivers

Be alert: watch for pedestrians at all times
  • Scan the road and the sides of the road ahead for potential pedestrians.
  • Before making a turn, look in all directions for pedestrians crossing.
  • Don't drive distracted or after consuming alcohol or other drugs.
  • Look carefully behind your vehicle for approaching pedestrians before backing-up, especially small children.
  • For maximum visibility, keep your windshield clean and headlights on.
Be responsible: stop for pedestrians at crossings
  • Stop for pedestrian crosswalks, weather marked or unmarked.
  • Stop for pedestrians when making right or left turns at intersections.
  • Do not block or park in crosswalks.
Be patient: Drive the speed limit and avoid aggressive maneuvers

Never pass/overtake a vehicle that is stopped for pedestrians.
Obey speed limits and come to a complete stop at STOP signs.
Use extra caution when driving near children playing along the street or older pedestrians who may not see or hear you.
Always be prepared to stop for pedestrians.


Some information presented was gathered from, FDOT,, and