Public Parking


North to South A1A

  • East Pope Road
  • SJC Pier Park
  • 16th Street (Parallel Parking) 
  • 14th Street Plaza (South of Sunset Grille)
  • 11th Street West of A1A (Plaza)
  • 10th Street East of A1A (Plaza)
  • 8th Street East of A1A (Plaza)
  • 8th Street West of A1A (Next to Best Western)
  • 5th Street East of A1A (Parallel Parking)
  • 4th Street East of A1A  (Parallel Parking)
  • 3rd Street West of A1A (2 spots south and 2 spots north of Kookaburra)
  • 2nd Ave. & A Street (North)
  • A Street East of A1A (Plaza)
  • A Street West of A1A (Plaza)
  • Ocean Hammock
  • Lakeside Park

Handicapped Parking Locations 

  • Ocean Hammock Park
  • A Street (East)
  • 8th Street (West)
  • 8th Street (East)
  • 10th Street
  • 14th Street
  • Pier Park (Bocce Ct.)
  • Pier Park
  • Ron Parker Park
  • Lakeside Park