City of St. Augustine Beach

Welcome, today is Tuesday December 6, 2016


  • Before residents engage a tree contractor, they should make certain the contractor is registered with the City. For a list of registered tree services click here.
  • For helpful links concerning disaster recovery click here.
  • The City has completed three full sweeps picking up vegetative storm debris. On Wednesday 11/2/16 we resumed standard yard waste collection requiring residents to call in for pick up, up to two cubic yards of bulk yard waste (branches, etc.), and small material (leaf, twig and grass clippings, etc.) containerized (trash containers or bagged).
  • City Code (Section 10-4(a)(8)) allows residents to place up to two cubic yards of residential construction debris curbside for a once per week pick up. Larger quantities of construction debris should be placed in a construction dumpster obtained from a private company. All debris generated by a contractor must be handled and disposed by the contractor.
  • Residents are required to get permits for repairs. The permit fees are low. When a resident gets a permit, the City checks to be certain that the contractor is licensed in St. Johns County. Residents should not have unlicensed contractors do any repair work.
  • The City of St. Augustine Beach City Commission will hold a regular scheduled meeting on Monday, December 12th, 2016 at 6:00pm in the Commission Meeting Room at City Hall. This is a public meeting, and the public is invited to attend. If you are interested in viewing the agenda, please follow the link to do so.

Map of the City