The City of St. Augustine Beach provides waste collection services to all addresses located within the City Limits. Residences and Businesses may enjoy pickup of household (regular garbage) wastes once a week, with a separate collection for yard debris, and special wastes on Wednesday. Special wastes, and Yard Debris pickups must be called in before the day of collection. You may call the City Manager's Office, or the Public Works Department to schedule these pickups.

If you have any questions that you are unable to find the answer to below, you may call the City Manager's Office at (904)471-2122 or the Public Works Department at (904)471-1119.

What sort of Items are considered "special" pickup items?

What day is MY scheduled pickup day?

This will differ, depending on what area of the city you live in. The city is divided into four areas for the purpose of waste collection. Special Pickups occur for the entire city on Wednesday, Click here for a map of regular pickup days.

What day is special pickup day?

Yard debris and Special waste collection is currently Wednesday for the entire city. Individuals within the City who wish to have yard/special wastes removed from their property will need to call the City Manager's Office no later than 4:00pm on Tuesday, the week of expected collection to be added to the pickup list.

Why was not my Oil/Paint/Muriatic Acid picked up?

All of these things represent hazards and my NOT be picked up with regular garbage.

When I get home, there is nasty liquid next to my driveway!

Unfortunately, refuse collection trucks come equipped with holes to drain off excessive liquids. Although we may plug these holes to prevent large spills of liquid in any one location, smaller spills are not able to be prevented. Garbage trucks are designed to carry solid waste, and are not water tight. Although you should never come home to find a pile of spaghetti sauce in your driveway (as the Public Works Department will clean up large obvious spills); it is common for a small amount of foul smelling liquid to be left almost anywhere a refuse collection truck travels. This goes hand in hand with having refuse collection, and although we apologize for any inconvenience this causes, we are unable to solve the issue currently.

It's special pickup day and a truck just passed by, leaving my items at the curb?!

On a special pickup day the city has multiple trucks out picking up different materials. Our drivers have been instructed to check all addresses on our pickup list, regardless of the material listed. This is due to the fact that sometimes we get a call for a large bed and it's a metal bunk bed (which goes with metal), and sometimes it's a wooden waterbed frame (which has to be picked up with construction debris). If you see a truck stop at your address, and then continue past without picking up your readily visible items that are curbside, they are more than likely looking for another type of material. If it gets to be later in the afternoon, you may wish to call the City Manager's Office, as our driver can, very occasionally make mistakes.

Are there any limits to what I throw away, or how I throw it away?

Anything that we cannot accept, you cannot throw away. Most of these are obvious things. We will not accept an engine for example. Some hazardous wastes are not accepted, those that are accepted will only be accepted when called in and placed curbside for special pickups. If you are unsure of the acceptability of a material that you wish to dispose of, youmay call the City Manager's Office at 471-2122, or the Public Works Department at 471-1119.
In addition to the few restrictions on type of material, there are guidelines on how to place items at the curb. All debris that is to be picked up, regardless of type (household, yard, or special) should be placed at the curb no later than 7:00am the day of scheduled pickup. The debris should be containerized (in a box, bag, can, or other form of container) and should not exceed 50 pounds per such container. In the case of yard debris, the debris may also be stacked neatly or bundled. In addition, yard debris shall be no longer than 4-foot lengths, and shall not exceed 4yd³/week.

There is a holiday coming up, will my garbage/special pickup day be changed?

There is a possibility. Upcoming holidays are listed on the calendar, and will mention if the collection schedule will be altered on the home page.

Our household waste/recyclables were not picked up, what should we do?

Although these are separate issues, city residents are welcome to call the City Manager's Office at 471-2122, or the Public Works Department at 471-1119 to have either issue resolved.