City Managers Office

The City Manager and his staff are responsible for many of the cities administrative tasks. The City Manager's Office houses the Clerks Office, the Finance Department, and the IT Department. Among other things, the staff of the City Manager's office is responsible for the following:

**Dog Licenses** By City regulations, all dogs in the City are supposed to be licensed. The licenses expire at the end of September each year. Residents can renew dog licenses during normal business hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) in the City Manager's office at 2200 A1A South. Proof of a rabies vaccination within one prior year is required. The fees are $3.00 for each male or spayed female dog, and $5 for an unspayed female dog.

**Business Tax Receipts** All persons with a business address in the City must pay a Business Tax and receive a Business Tax Receipt (formerly Occupational License). New Receipts require approval by the City's Building Department, and an application and tax at the City Manager's office. Tax amounts vary according to the type of business to be conducted. Existing receipts expire at the end of September of each year and may be renewed beginning July 1st of each year. Persons with questions about occupational licenses may call the City Manager's staff at 904-471-2122.