The City of St. Augustine Beach has a Commission/Manager form of government. The City Commission is the governing body, and several advisory or sub-boards exist. These boards are listed below with a link, and a narrow description of their function.

City Commission

The City Commission is the governing body of St. Augustine Beach. The Commission is comprised of 5 elected officials working in staggered terms of 4 years. They meet the first Monday of each month to determine city policies, and decide other matters before them.

Comprehensive Planning & Zoning Board

The Comprehensive Planning and Zoning Board (CPZB) like the name suggests is responsible for planning and zoning matters inside the incorporated limits of the city. The board is comprised of 7 members and 2 alternates which are appointed by the city commission from available volunteers. The CPZB usually meets on the third Tuesday of each month. All matters decided by this board may be appealed to the City Commission.


The Beautification Advisory Committee and Tree Board is an advisory board to the city commission. Among other responsibilities this board sponsors and schedules the annual city arbor day, reviews commercial landscape plans, and acts as the Public Art Committee. The Committee usually meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Code Enforcement Board

The Code Enforcement Board is a quasi-judicial body consisting of 7 members, tasked with evaluating evidence and testimony of alleged violations of city codes. This board may impose fines against parties found to be in violation, and consists of volunteer members appointed by the city commission. The code enforcement board meets on an as-needed basis.